Integral management

At Nuovit Corporate we are specialists in managing assets in a comprehensive manner with the aim of developing their full potential, turning standard assets into new premium spaces.

We approach each project from a multidisciplinary perspective, control all phases of implementation, including marketing, and ensure the proper development both in time and investment. Together with these factors, areas such as research, strategy, project management and control make us essential partners to achieve maximum profitability.

Project development


The conceptualization of a project and its subsequent design are key factors in its ultimate success. That’s why we work with partners and customers from the start to design the best solution and determine the degree of opportunity and feasibility.


The flexibility of our company allows us to identify new real estate opportunities both in Spain and in the international market, as well as the ideal partners with whom to collaborate in these operations.


We promote premium assets, such as shopping malls, offices, hotels, residential or health facilities. We also develop public spaces such as car parks and fitness centers.


We are a management group with extensive experience in managing real estate projects that are at the forefront of urban planning and incorporate the latest technologies.

During our long trajectory we have developed all kinds of sustainable projects of maximum quality and design.


The hallmark of our operations is the contribution of value to assets through innovation and energy efficiency, making the most of the available resources and completing them with strategic allies that allow us to guarantee the success of the project.

Business intelligence

The digital transformation is a reality already applied to our processes. We detect new market trends and we are permeable to the transformation of consumers, resulting in constant evolution and an ability to adapt to the optimal market.