Spaces for the future

Nuovit Corporate is a management group specialized in the creation of new real estate spaces. We direct and coordinate all the phases involved in the development of an urban development project, being present from the detection of the investment opportunity to the execution and promotion of this asset.

We are in the process of international expansion, our capacity and knowledge being the best guarantee to reach our objectives. Our activity consists of transforming urban assets in order to contribute to the improvement of social welfare and the development of a sustainable future.

We combine methodology, strategy and planning that, together with our extensive experience in the sector, allow us to guarantee maximum performance for our partners and collaborators. Decades of experience guarantee us to face each new project with security and solidity.  

We create strategic alliances to transform the future

Corporate philosophy

Increase in value

With an avant-garde spirit, at Nuovit Corporate we have specialized in promoting new business opportunities based on innovation and the reinvention of assets in order to increase their market value, turning standard goods into original, functional and, above all, profitable projects.

Strategic alliances

We are a company that is characterized by anticipating needs. We manage future projects, exclusive assets, and through strategic alliances, we offer solutions that best meet market requirements. We provide each project with the resources and means to ensure performance.

Comunication and transparency

We guarantee the transparency of our management at all times, both with partners and collaborators. We promote communication between all parties and guarantee that it is truthful and constant, thus generating relationships of trust that facilitate the dynamics of work and consensus.


Past, present and future

The history of Nuovit Corporate is one of a well-established company that is constantly evolving and growing. Our company was born with the firm purpose of transforming the global vision of the sector, contributing to the market impulse and initiative in technical and technological innovation, innovation aimed at the creation of new sustainable and avant-garde spaces.

With the focus of our actions focused on designing the future, we have managed to unify the organizational processes and our management tasks, streamlining and simplifying operations to have a business structure capable of dealing with projects of significant size and complexity.

As a result of our dedication and perseverance, we have managed to consolidate Nuovit Corporate as a growing management group. Since our inception, we have increased our business volume year after year, strengthening and encouraging relationships with our employees and investors, thus achieving a future full of synergies.

In our company we have always valued diversification as a strategy, which has enabled us to access new international markets with complete security and consistency, making us the expanding company we are today. Our structure is global and perfectly consolidated in the countries where we operate, being able to access new markets in the near future.